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Seat Leon Mk2 Auto Boot Lift
Bittersweet day...

Had a lady come in today after being ripped off by a couple of parking lot mechanics (you know, the guys who hang around Autozone and try to pick up work) and they loaded the parts cannon chock full and wrung out her last dollar. She went in to have the MIL code read and it came up P0401, egr. The first guy throws a new egr at it, no change. Second guy throws a DPFE sensor at it...same outcome. Truck won't pass smog and it turns out that 3 shops have come up goose egg on the problem and her temp tag is up in a couple days. I run it down, bad EGR vacuum regulator circuit in the PCM. Needs a new PCM, she doesn't have the cash. She has 3 small kids and depends on her vehicle to get her to work. So she tells me she's got nothing, but her parents just bought her a new washer and dryer set and I can have them if I fix her car. Yeah, I did it. She'll pass her emissions tomorrow. Kinda feel bad about taking her washer and dryer but she feels better about it that way and I didn't have to turn her away. My fiancee is stoked about the shiny new appliances though.



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